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by Anna Katherine & Company


The Best 3 Spots to Get Engaged at in Niagara Falls (Winter)

Are you planning to propose? Or are you ready to get proposed to? Ready for the engaged of your dreams and become a fiancé? Want the wedding & marriage to start off how you've always imagined? That's what proposal planners help you do!

Send your lover a hint here or keep reading to get inspired. (Even sharing this to your SO's best friend may get the ball moving, trust us - we are the experts at this, the little things matter ;)).

After being a Niagara local for almost 15 years, I feel like I know the tourist-y, busy and beautiful Niagara Falls like the back of my hand so the day my boyfriend and I went scouting for the perfect proposal spots - it came easy!

Here are my top 3 best spots to engaged in Niagara Falls in the Winter

3. The Duck Pond at the Winter Festival of Lights

Ok so if you've been to Niagara Falls in the winter or are a local - you know about the Festival of Lights, it's a city run 'festival' that spreads down the main parkway & parks of Niagara Falls, Ontario with gorgeous holiday light displays. BUT... my favourite part of this is there is actually a drive-thru park about 2 minutes past the actual Canadian falls, this park has sooooo many cute benchs, picnic spots, and so many DUCKS - cuuuuuteee!!!!! But on top of this, this is where you get to see the BEST light displays and see another adorable cute families having snowball fights and couples walking, it is something out of a hallmark movie and the perfect setting for a romantic moment. And you're walking distance to some great photo moments & restaurants right after the YES.

2. The *private* lookout between the Marriotts

Ok this is a weird one but this is my personal favourite lookout in NF, there are hardly ever any tourists because no one really has realised you have an amazing view of the top of the Canadian falls (especially on clear days) and its still somewhat private, if you go during the week too - there is not a soul besides some hotel workers catching the bus or the valet from the hotel next door. It's squished in-between the two Marriott hotels & has a bus station on your right, cheap street parking & is directly across from the milestones - perfect date night right? RIGHT! It looks like a regular old alcove until you catch the beautiful view above the bushes & balcony.

Again the best part is - its best for our private couples, hardly ever any tourists and you still get an amazing view PLUS your SO will never expect it.

  1. The American Falls Alcove

Ok, I am sure this is the one you're waiting for, but yes of course the magnificent SPOT (beware tourists but I mean, you can't hate a crowd for such a big moment!) but this is the ideal spot for the PERFECT Niagara Falls Proposal. I scouted out the spot in between the two main parks buildings and centered at the American Falls

Get engaged in Niagara Falls Canada, Niagara falls proposals Propose in niagara falls

(to give you the least amount of tourists and parks workers & the perfect surprise walk up opportunity). This is has a direct view while getting down on one knee of the American Falls, and on your right - the Canadian and provides the absolutely perfect engagement photoshoot right after the proposal. Imagine getting engaged in front of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world?! EEEEEK - stunning!!!!!!

Check out these spots on my TikTok here.

All the love,


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